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The Trail

I told Dick to take a hike and he took me seriously.

In March 1999 I called my travel agent and told her I wanted to purchase a one-way ticket to Atlanta for my husband. She said, "What are you going to make him do-walk home?"


On April 6 1999, after two years of planning, Dick Christian, age 59 and a half, quit his sedentary job as the business manager of a Connecticut Chrysler dealership, and flew to Georgia to begin hiking the Appalachian Trail. His wife, romance writer Zita Christian, urged him to keep a journal. "Look what it did for Lewis and Clark!" Alas, her pleas fell on deaf ears. So she decided to tell the tale for him.

The trail began at Springer Mountain, Georgia, and ended 2,160 miles later at Mount Katahdin, Maine. Explore this website and read about the journey, and the people he met on the way.

You can chart Dick's progress by looking at area maps of the eastern USA. You will be able to see how much of the trail has been covered, and follow flagged links to photographs and reports.
Click for the Current Map. Click for the Latest Report. You can also see the reports and photographs in date order: Click on the links below to see the maps or go straight to a report. Clicking the HOME button will bring you back to this page. Click on the LAST and NEXT buttons to go from one report to another.

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Map 1, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia

Photos displayed in the reports are low resolution. Click on the photo to see a high resolution version.
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